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Eyekepper Reading Glasses Computer Glasses Sunglasses Eyeglasses Frame

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What people are saying about Eyekepper:

" Eyekepper 4-Pack Plastic Design Reading Glasses +2.25. Fast shipping withend a week .Better than expected, no distortion ,adult sized and 3/4 lens size ,would recommend+++. "

" These reading glasses are great, so reasonable, and very nice frames, and nice designs. I have ordered these for a second time. I leave my reading glasses everywhere, so I do not like to buy expensive ones. Eyekepper reading glasses are perfect for someone like me. "

"Received these a lot sooner than expected and my husband could not be happier. He always has a hard time finding reading glasses and for the price and quality these could not be beat! He has paid more for ONE pair of reading glasses from a drugstore and this set has 5 pairs. They are very well made and the lenses are clear and he liked the color options. He particularly liked the sunglass readers. We plan on ordering another set eyekepper reading glasses to have on hand."

"I was looking for some decent reading glasses to better enable me to read a computer screen. Discovered this pair while perusing Amazon and thought they sounded like a gimmick, but I ordered them anyways (liked their look). Once I used them, I was pleasantly surprised and frankly very happy with my purchase. They are of good quality frames and lenses, and the tint actually does relieve some stress while staring at a computer screen. I keep mine right on my desk next to my computer screen as I find these glasses indispensable for reading a computer screen. Highly recommended eyekepper computer glasses."


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